Friday, July 06, 2007

The iRack

Monday, May 21, 2007

Lew Rockwell on Government Interventionism -- Both at Home and Abroad

Ideology is such a powerful force that it has propped up policy inconsistency for more than a century. The left has a massive agenda for the state at home, and yet complains bitterly, with shock and dismay, that the same tools are used to start wars and build imperial structures abroad. The right claims to want to restrain government at home (at least in some ways) while whooping it up for war and global reconstruction abroad.

It doesn't take a game-theory genius to predict how this conflict works itself out in the long run. The left and the right agree to disagree on intellectual grounds but otherwise engage in a dangerous quid pro quo. They turn a blind eye to the government they don't like so long as they get the government they do like.


Sunday, May 20, 2007 Has a Good Idea for Future GOP Debates

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Former Head of the CIA's bin Laden Unit Agrees With Ron Paul -- Not With Giuliani!

This is really no surprise, because Dr. Paul was only quoting from the CIA and the 9/11 Report, anyway, but here's even more evidence that Giuliani doesn't know what he is talking about:

I thought Mr. Paul captured it the other night exactly correctly. This war is dangerous to America because it’s based, not on gender equality, as Mr. Giuliani suggested, or any other kind of freedom, but simply because of what we do in the Islamic World – because ‘we’re over there,’ basically, as Mr. Paul said in the debate. has the scoop.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

The GOP Debate According to Bill Maher

We don't often agree with Bill Maher, but this is priceless.

Is Ron Paul Crazy?

Yes, folks, it's true. Let's face it. Ron Paul IS insane. The man is crazy. He's willing to go in front of a South Carolina audience at a Republican debate hosted by Fox News -- a "perfect storm of stupidity," as Bill Maher has said -- and tell people the truth. But one thing we have learned in our years on this planet is that, often times, people are not crazy because of what they say, necessarily, but because of their willingness to say it, and that is exactly the dynamic with Dr. Ron Paul.

The Real Giuliani

There are sooooooooo many reasons why this man simply should not be our next president.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Buchanan Weighs in on Paul

Here's the money quote:

Ron Paul is no TV debater. But up on that stage in Columbia, he was speaking intolerable truths. Understandably, Republicans do not want him back, telling the country how the party blundered into this misbegotten war.

By all means, throw out of the debate the only man who was right from the beginning on Iraq.

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Saul vs. Paul

The head of the Michigan GOP, Saul Anuzis, is trying to silence Dr. Ron Paul. Here is an e-mail we have sent in protest:

Mr. Anuzis,

Shame on your for trying to silence the lone voice of reason in the Republican Party, Dr. Ron Paul. Apparently, you have not learned anything from the heavy losses the GOP faced in 2006. One can only hope that whatever swine you put forth in 2008 will share the same fate.


Inquisitor Generalis

Please click on the link above for information on how you, too, can bombard this man's office with e-mails and phone calls.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dr. Ron Paul at the Second Debate

Dan McAdams has said it the best:

Ron Paul has put himself up for personal ridicule at the hands of his inferiors just to show all of us that there is an alternative to the direction we are headed. Which of us would have the courage to do the same? He won? Irrelevant. His every word to the national audience is worth a million blows of the hammer on the stone of authoritarianism. God bless him.

Monday, May 14, 2007

How to Say Grace Before Meals